Sunday, November 21, 2010

Golden Gardens 11/20/10

Wow, what an awesome day for kiting! It was blowing 25-30 at my local beach, Golden Gardens, which is less than a mile from my house. The most amazing thing was that the strong winds created some decent wind swell and little breakers at a beach that's far from any kind of ocean swell (tucked inside Puget Sound). The wind chill was a blistering 22' F, so I was fully decked out in a 6/5/4, gloves, booties, and hood. After my session I grabbed a different board and actually paddled into some waves right here in Seattle!! Here are some photos that local rider/photographer, Dimitry Kraskovsky (aka Krash) took. You can find more of his shots of other rippers on Facebook.



  1. Sick Nick,
    Oh man! I would love to see some shot shots of surfing in the puget sound! Where are they?

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    I surely watch your shots of other rippers on Facebook. Many thanks for this post.
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